• APNIC IPv4 Transfer Process

APNIC IPv4 Transfer & Pre-Approval

If you are located in the Asia Pacific region and need IPv4, you will likely reach out toAsia-Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC).  The task of buying APNIC IPv4 address space has certain requirements that need to be met.  Given some proper guidance from an experienced partner, the APNIC transfer process can be painless and pretty fast.

Step 1: Create MyAPNIC Online Account

To start, you should register an MyAPNIC account. They require a few things to get the account active

  1. Register an account – From this APNIC account, you will be able to do manage several organizations and resource records
  2. Create a POC – This is a point of contact record with your details
  3. Create an Org – this is an online record that represents your company.

When you create you organization, APNIC may ask for a proof from a government entity that your company is legally registered to do business in the region.

Typical Timeline: The APNIC account creation process can take 1 – 2 weeks.

Step 2: Buyer APNIC Pre-Approval

For you to get the ability to buy APNIC IPv4 addresses, you will need to provide a business use case for the cumulative amount of IPs addresses that you request.  Even though you are buying them, APNIC still has a requirement that a company has a true business need.

You need to provide a business use case representing that you can utilize at least 50% of the requested IPv4 address space over a two-year time frame.  Be sure to provide quarterly projections with actual totals of IPv4 addresses and what you plan to use them for.

After submitting your APNIC pre-approval, they may ask for information if the justification that you provided lacks details.  This back and forth conversations can set you back a couple of weeks, so we be sure to include the required details the first time.

Typical Timeline: This APNIC pre-approval process can take 5 days – 2 weeks.

Step 3: APNIC IPv4 Address Block Review

At the time you are prepared to buy APNIC IPv4 addresses block, a knowledgeable IPv4 partner will be able to further assist with your needs.  If you are working with a good partner, they should be able to provide a detailed IPv4 blacklist report.  A proper report should demonstrate and  list all IP addresses in the range, and explain which of the 100 global IPv4 blacklisting website they may be on.

Once you are ready to buy IPv4 address, you will be asked for the following information to view and sign an agreement

  • Legal company name (as its listed with APNIC)
  • APNIC Online Account ID
  • APNIC Pre-approval ticket number
  • Contact information of the person authorized to sign

Typical Timeline: This IPv4 review and signature process can take 1 – 5 days

Step 4: APNIC IPv4 Transfer Process

Now you are ready to start your APNIC IPv4 transfer.  If you are working with a good advisor, they will provide substantial value at this point.  The partner will act as a link between you and the seller during the IPv4 transfer.

  1. Buyer and seller sign contract.
  2. Buyer sends payment
  3. Sellers APNIC transfer ticket is submitted in MyAPNIC
    1. Buyers APNIC account name
    2. IPv4 Address Block
  4. Buyers APNIC transfer ticket is submitted in MyAPNIC
    1. Must submit ticket after seller in order for APNIC to begin reviewing the transfer request
  5. Buyer pays invoice – see APNIC fee schedule
  6. APNIC approves seller and buyers’ transfer tickets
  7. APNIC Whois Updates
  8. Funds released to Seller

Typical Timeline: This APNIC IPv4 transfer process can take 2 – 3 weeks

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