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Sell IPv4 Blocks with Brander Group

Every company can use additional funds for infrastructure upgrades, additional employees or simply to help add revenue to the bottom line.  The problem is, where do you find the extra capital without putting much effort into it?  The answer is to unused sell IPv4 space, while it still has such a high demand and market price!

If your’e organization was fortunate enough to receive a large block of IPv4 address space in the early days of the internet, chances are you never knew it would have monetary value.  While some organizations actually use their IPv4 blocks, a majority either don’t use their IPv4 or can be more efficient with their IPv4 addressing scheme.

Brander Group has a full service to help organizations identify their IPv4 addresses, re-address the IPv4 to more efficient usage, properly quantify the IPs price, and safely sell IPv4 on the secondary market.

Our team assist you every step of the way of this typically cumbersome journey. We provide guidance and support with ARIN, RIPE and APNIC to ensure the IPv4 is able to be sold without issue. We then run each IPv4 blocks block through our blacklist software to ensure they are clean.  If any IPv4 is blacklisted, we provide a detailed report with helpful links for quick removal.  Once you are ready to sell IPv4 space, we provide the framework and contracts to make this a legal and smooth process.  Finally we match you with a fully qualified buyer, who is looking to purchase your IPv4 blocks within 30 days.

From start to finish, our team helps you determine the right approach, the value and when to sell IPv4 addresses.  To find out more, Contact Us Today

Why Sell IPv4 with Brander Group?

Data Driven IPv4 Price

Use market data and analytics to determine IPv4 prices and maximize IPv4 value

Network of Buyers

Network of pre-qualified & reputable companies who need to buy IP addresses

Internet Registry Assistance

Assist working with the RIRs to allow for the sale of your IPv4 addresses

IPv4 Blacklist Reporting

Detailed reporting with each IPv4 address tested in 100 global blacklists

Streamlined IPv4 Sales

Streamlined process and procedure to ensure fast and secure IPv4 transfer

IPv4 Purchase Agreements

Provide tailored contracts specific to legally sell IPv4 blocks globally

IPv4 Sales & Transfer Process

While the process of transferring and selling IPv4 blocks can be complicated, we make it very simple. Brander Group’s knowledgable team will guide both the you and the company looking to buy IPv4 addresses every step of the way to make sure there are no delays when you choose to sell IPv4 addresses

Your actions are simply to sign a contract, initiate a IPV4 block transfer ticket with ARIN, RIPE or APNIC and respond to a few of their tickets, all of which we will also assist with.

From start to finish, the timeline to sell IPv4 address space is typically around 2 – 3 weeks. Usually a few days for each part of this process.

Sell IPv4

IPv4 Block Research and Contracts

  • IPv4 Seller signs IPv4 Engagement Agreement
  • We run your IPv4 block through global blacklist check
  • Clean up any dirty IPv4 addresses, if needed
  • Place IPv4 blocks into inventory and market to buyers
  • Seller & buyer review & sign IPv4 Purchase Agreement
  • IPv4 Buyer makes payment
Sell IPv4 Blocks

IPv4 Transfer Process

  • IPv4 Seller submits IPv4 transfer request to ARIN/RIPE/APNIC
  • IPv4 Buyer submits IPv4 recipient ticket
  • Respective RIR reviews and approves your IPv4 transfer request (5-10 days)
  • Respective RIR links buyer and seller and approves IPv4 block transfer (1-2 day)
  • Whois updates to reflect buyer as owner of the IPv4 block (1 day)
  • Funds released to seller (1-2 days)

Speak with a trusted IPv4 consultant to create a strategy around selling IPv4 address blocks in a hot market.

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