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Buy, Sell and Lease IPv4 Space with Brander Group

As of early 2011, the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) announced that IPv4 space has been exhausted and therefore difficult to obtain.   Most ISPs offer small subsets, larger blocks require a rigorous approval process and a 1 year waiting list.  While a small number of companies have made a switch to IPv6, most have their infrastructure deeply impeded with IPv4.

As a trusted advisor to telcos, hosting providers and enterprises alike, Brander Group has been dealing with companies looking to sell and buy IPv4 space for decades.   In recent years, we decided to help our clients lease, sell and buy IPv4 space in an effort to facilitate continued expansion and growth.  Thus we became the go to company for IPv4 address blocks and launched our www.IPv4Connect.com, a functional marketplace

We have also found that there are many companies who have legacy IPv4 space which has been vastly unknown and therefore not utilized for years.  We have put forth efforts to help these companies identify the space they acquired and assist them in transferring it to parties who can utilize it.

Our team developed a IPv4 buying process,  streamlined  the approval process and generated mutually beneficial terms for buyer/seller contracts.  Because we work with both sides, we are able to offer the lowest rates to facilitate the transaction.

Best IPv4 Prices

With a large inventory, we offer the best prices on a full range of blocks from /24 – /16

Fast IPv4 Transfer

IPv4 transfers are performed quickly with our expert consultants. Usually around 3-4 weeks

IPv4 Knowledge

Our seasoned consultants have performed hundreds of IPv4 transfers globally.


IPv4 Transfer Approval Process

Here are the steps for the approval IPv4 approval process. For the more details, click here

  • ARIN Pre-Approval & Verification
  • Block Examination
  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Payment / Funding
  • IPv4  Transfer
  • Approval / Announcement
  • Payment Released

Visit our IPv4 Connect, our new marketplace where you can buy, sell or lease IPv4 space.  

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