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IPv4 Address Research

Proprietary process to uncover & access unadvertised IPv4 Blocks

Large IPv4 Sales Inventory

Large inventory of clean IPv4 address blocks available for purchase

Word Class IPv4 Support

knowledgable & Responsive IPv4 support with 24/7 approach via phone and email

Streamlined IPv4 Process

Streamlined IPv4 purchase process and procedures to ensure fast and secure transfer

IPv4 Block Qualification

Meticulously qualify each seller to ensure they own the IPv4 free and clear

Detailed IPv4 Blacklist Reporting

Brander Group builds a strong relationship with both our buyers and sellers by providing full transparent, unique tools and access to important information about the IPv4 Block. We use a proprietary blacklist software that provides access to information about the IPs that would otherwise only be found through a long and tedious process.

While most companies are forced to manually check each IPv4 address one-by-one against a few popular blacklists, Brander Group uses a powerful software that runs each IPv4 address against over 100 global blacklists in less than 1 day. We then provide a detailed IPv4 blacklist report which outlines each blacklisted IP address, the blacklists they are on, and more importantly helpful links to help remove the affected IPs from the blacklists.  The IPs can be from any region including APNIC, RIPE, APNIC, LACNIC or AFRNIC

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IPv4 Transfer Process

If you are lucky enough to find somewhere to buy IPv4, thats only half the battle.  The  process of transferring purchased IPv4 can be very difficult and time consuming. Unlike and IPv4 auction,  our support staff makes the process of transferring IPv4 very simple and seamless.  We assist you every step of the process with the respective RIR to ensure the IPv4 address block is transferred to your Org-ID.

Whether you are located in ARIN, RIPE or APNIC, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure the transfer of the IPv4 happens with ease.

The typical timeline for a transfer or IPv4 is around  2 – 3 weeks. There are usually a few days for each part of this process.

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Fully Managed IPv4 Transfer Process

Our team fully manages the transfer. You just sign, pay and submit a transfer ticket

  • Pre-approval & verification
  • Purchase agreements signed
  • Buyer makes payment via wire or escrow.com
  • Seller and Buyer submit transfer tickets
  • Regional internet registry (RIR) review process
  • Seller and buyer pay RIR fees, if applicable
  • IPv4 approval and Whois updates with buyers details
  • Payment released to seller

Detailed transfer guides, Click here: ARIN  |  RIPE | APNIC

Buy IPv4 Addresses with Brander Group

As of early 2011, the Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) announced that IPv4 address space has been exhausted. While a small number of companies began to make the switch to IPv6, a majority where reluctant to make the switch.  In the years following, ARIN, RIPE and APNIC had all given out the remainder of their IPv4 addresses space, which forced everyone to buy IPv4 addresses on the secondary market.

The process of buying IPv4 addresses can be very complicated and unclear.  There are very few places that someone can buy IPv4 blocks and even less information about the actual IPv4 transfer process.  Worse off, there are no published rules or guidelines to ensure the purchased IPv4 are legitimate and clean.

As a trusted a partner with ISPs, telcos, hosting providers and enterprises alike, Brander Group has developed strong and long lasting relationships in internet.   In recent years, we decided to help our clients buy IPv4 address blocks due to the overwhelming demand and lack of transparency in the industry.  Thus, we became the preferred partner to buy IPv4 address blocks for ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions.

Brander Group has developed methods to uncover legacy IPv4 address space which has been vastly unknown and therefore not utilized for years.  We have put forth efforts to help these companies identify their IPv4, clean it up, and then sell IPv4 to organizations that have a true business need.

Our team created IPv4 buying guidelines,  streamlined  the approval process and generated mutually beneficial IPv4 purchase agreements to protect buyers and sellers.  Because we work with both sides, we have a high level of quality control from start to finish during the IPv4 buying and transfer process. Rather than making people go through a complicated IPv4 auction, we offer competitive and fixed IPv4 prices. We also continue to offer a white glove service to our 1000 + global IPv4 clients in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC regions.

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