IP Blacklists and How to Get You IP Range Removed

An IP range can easily get added to an IP blacklist in todays secure conscious internet ecosystem. Because no matter how much security is added, we somehow all get victimized by spam. Whether you get the occasional spam email from a Nigerian prince asking for your bank account details, or a more serious attack of malware phishing attack, we are all faced with having to protect against unwanted e-mails.  These scammers tend to use a pool of IP ranges to get around server security settings that any company or user may have implemented.  With so many scammers reaching users by way of different IP ranges, we needed a way to communicate these bad apples to the rest of the world to prevent any further damage.

In the early days, organizations were formed to help protect against these internet scammers.  These organizations created global databased where someone could add an IP address and/or domain name to a global database.  These are commonly referred to as a global IP blacklist or domain blacklist.  Then popular email servers such as Microsoft and Google would use these global databases to help prevent spam mail from hitting any of their clients.  Of the hundred or so global IP blacklist providers, the 3 major players include Barracuda, Spamhaus and Sorbs. If an IP address ends of on any of their IP blacklists, it likely can affect an entire IP range from being able to send emails among other important internet related functions.


Check your IP Range against a Global IP Blacklist

The most common method for checking an IP range to determine if there are any IPs blacklists is to run each IP address through an aggregating tool such as Mx Toolbox blacklist checker.  They offer an affective software that will check the IP address against over 100 global IP blacklists, and report where the IP address is listed.  If you have a few IP addresses, this is a great way tool to ensure you are safe.  However, how do you check a large IP range?  While a /23only has 512 IP address in the IP range, that is over 500 different queries a person would have to run to determine that there are no blacklisted IPs in the entire IP range.  Imagine having to do this over 65 thousand times for an entire /16 IP range.  Short of having some interns working around the clock, there has to be a better way..


Proprietary IP Blacklist Software

Brander Group understands the importance of IP blacklist checks and making sure our clients purchase a clean IP range.  With that in mind, we make use of a proprietary IP blacklist software that checks every IP address in an IP range against over 100 global blacklists.  It then generates a report showing each blacklisted IP address, which IP blacklist it is on, and more importantly how to delist that IP address. Our software has the server power to run an entire /16 IP range (65,536 IP addresses) against over 100 global IP blacklists in 24 hours.

This is extremely helpful as we bring on new inventory, because we work with our suppliers to help clean up all blacklisted IPs.  This process can take several days, and our team works with the supplier to ensure the IP ranges is clean or close to it.  We then provide this IP blacklist report to our clients as they prepare to purchase any specific IP range.   To learn more about our IP blacklist reporting or run one of your IP ranges in our software, please contact us today

IP Blacklist IP Range

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