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    RIPE IPv4 Transfers

RIPE IPv4 Transfer Requirements & Approval Process

All of the IPv4 address space in Europe the the Middle East is managed byRéseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre (RIPE). The task of buying RIPE IPv4 addresses and safely performing a RIPE IPv4 transfer can seem time consuming to a buyer who has not done it before.  Along with help from a well-informed consultant and unique insight into RIPE’s IPv4 requirements and procedures, the IPv4 transfer process can run very smoothly.

Step 1: Create RIPE Online Account

To start, you’ll need to register for a RIPE account.

  1. RIPE Account creation- From this RIPE online account, you will be able to manage multiple organizations and resource records.
  2. Create a point of contact (POC) – This will be related to you
  3. Create an organisaion (Org-ID) – this will be a record that is specific to your organization. You can manage several ORG-ID’s under one RIPE online account.

Typical Timeline: Creating a RIPE Online Account can take around 2 weeks.

Step 2: RIPE Approvals

RIPE does not require that you obtain pre-approval in order to acquire a RIPE IPv4 address block unless the IPv4 block is being transferred from ARIN or APNIC. If the RIPE IPv4 transfer request is from inter-RIR, the buyer will need to demonstrate 50% usage of the RIPE IPv4 addresses over a 5 year period.  RIPE will ask for this information after ARIN or APNIC has approved the IPv4 transfer and sent the request to RIPE.

Step 3: RIPE IPv4 Address Block Review

When you are prepared to purchase RIPE IPv4 addresses, a dependable advisor will provide you with some options in terms of available IPv4 address ranges.  You can tell the company is legitimate, if they provide a detailed IPv4 blacklist report.  This report should be generated from a software that scans all of the IPv4 addresses in the range against 100 global IPv4 blacklisting websites and produce a report that reflects how clean the RIPE IPv4 block is .

Then you will provide the following details to receive and sign an agreement:

  • Legal entity name (as its listed with RIPE)
  • RIPE Org-ID
  • Details for the person authorized to sign

Typical Timeline: RIPE contract review and signature take 2 – 5 days

Step 4: RIPE IPv4 Transfer Process

Here is where it all comes together.  Your trusted IPv4 advisors should be able to show a high level of value throughout the RIPE IPv4 transfer process.  They must be a knowledgeable liaison between the buyer and seller throughout the entire RIPE transfer process.

  1. Buyer and seller sign RIPE purchase agreements
  2. Buyer submits payment
  3. Buyer provides company documents and RIPE POC details
    1. Legal entity details
    2. Company registration papers
    3. Name of person who is listed with the secretary of state to sign RIPE IPv4 transfer form
  4. Seller provides entity documents and RIPE POC details
    1. Legal entity details
    2. Company registration papers
    3. Name of person who is listed with the secretary of state to sign RIPE IPv4 transfer form
  5. Brander Group adds both buyers and sellers details to the RIPE IPv4 transfer form
  6. Buyer signs the RIPE IPv4 transfer document first
  7. The seller then signs and submits RIPE IPv4 transfer from along with the registration documents of both companies involved in the transfer
  8. RIPE Reviews the IPv4 transfer request
  9. RIPE approves the sellers and buyers IPv4 transfer request
  10. IPv4 transfer is completed and whois is updated

Typical Timeline: RIPE IPv4 transfer can take 1 – 2 weeks

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