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Why Lease IPv4 Addresses?

The Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) announced that IPv4 addresses officially ran out in 2011.  Some organizations started to transition to IPv6, but most just put this initiative off due to resource constraints and the complexity of the switch. Today, most organizations now need to lease IPv4 to keep up with the client demand, since IPv6 still hasn’t become the more dominant protocol globally.

So how does someone lease IPv4 addresses in ARIN, RIPE or APNIC?  The concept of leasing IPv4 from a third party aside from your ISP or hosting can be risky if you don’t qualify the supplier that is providing the leased IPv4 addresses.  There are several things to consider to avoid major issues down the line.

  1. Confirm the supplier who owns the IPv4 addresses is a legitimate company
  2. Ensure the partner you are leasing IPv4 addresses from has a good reputation
  3. Get proof that the IPv4 addresses are clean and not on a IP blacklists

Due to our long term relationships with ISPs, telcos, hosting providers and enterprises alike, Brander Group has trusted long partnerships with key industry players.   As a result, we have access to large pools of IPv4 addresses that we can lease to our clients at competitive rates.  To learn more about how to safely lease IPv4 address in ARIN, RIPE and APNIC, Contact Us

The Benefits When You Lease IPv4 with Brander Group

Streamlined LOA

Streamlined process, receive IPv4 lease LOA in as little as 1 day in most cases

IPv4 Block Research

Unique method of finding unadvertised IPv4 Addresses

Large IPv4 Sales Inventory

Selection of clean IPv4 Lease options from several vendors

IPv4 Payment Options

We offer monthly, quarterly and yearly IPv4 lease payment options

Flexible IPv4 Leases

We offer month to month to month and yearly IPv4 lease options

Client Support

Responsive & capable IPv4 team with 24/7 approach via phone and email

IPv4 Lease Agreement,  LOA and Usage

The process of leasing IPv4 address space is very simple with Brander Group.  We have a simple agreement with AUP to protect he IPs from misuse. The agreement will also include flexible lease terms either monthly, quarterly or yearly payments.

Once the agreement is signed, we provide a secure payment portal for initial payment. Once payment is made, we send LOA and you start using the IPv4 addresses.   The entire process to lease IPv4 from start to finish can be completed in as 1 -2 business days.

LeaseI Pv4 Rent Checklist

IPv4 Lease & Usage Timeline

  • Decide on the IPv4 block
  • Review and Sign IPv4 Lease Agreement
  • Make Secure Payment
  • Signed LOA
  • Start Announcing IPv4

Get a free consultation and request pricing to Lease IPv4 addresses ranging from a /24 up to /16s

Approved IPv4 Leasing in ARIN, RIPE & APNIC

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