IPv4 Demand Stability Leading to Increased Activity

IPv4 Demand Stability Leading to Increased Activity

Like any healthy and predictable market cycle, IPv4 demand continues to remain steady. This consistency further promotes the notion of a stable market since there was no serious fluctuation in either direction. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) BYOIP Price Increase 2024

Amazon begins charging $6,387 per /24 per month for use of BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP) on AWS (Amazon Web Services).
How to Configure DNS for ISPs

How to Configure DNS for Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Setting up DNS (Domain Name System) properly for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) requires configuring DNS servers and network infrastructure to ensure reliable & efficient domain name resolution for your end user subscribers.
IPv4 Market Recap, Patterns & 2024 Price Predictions2024

IPv4 Market Recap, Patterns & 2024 Price Predictions

Use data and market psychology to compare IPv4 prices from previous years and determine what IPv4 price might be in 2024
How to Migrate from IPv4 to IPv62024

Thinking of Migrating to IPv6 from IPv4 Addresses?

While both are viable options for enterprise networks, There are good reasons to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6; the current standard IP protocol.
IPv4 Transfer Request December 2023

How Will Market Stability Affect IPv4 Prices in 2024

In 2024, U.S. “Internet for All” initiatives – $18 billion E-ACAM program and $42 Billion BEAD program – indicate increased IPv4 demand.
Internet Bandwidth Demand Forecast

IP Bandwidth Usage & Demand Forecast for 2024

Despite increasing internet bandwidth demand, Deloitte anticipates a slowdown as technology and consumer behavior evolve, suggesting a stable 100Mbps connection would suffice for most households in the near future.
IPv4 Transfer Requests Outpace Previous Year – November2023

IPv4 Transfer Requests Outpace Previous Year – November

After fluctuations, the IPv4 Market has exhibited price and demand stability since January 2023, increasing confidence for a strong 2024. The number of IPv4 Transfer Requests has also increased year-to-date, promoting informed market decision-making.

FCC’s $18b Enhanced Alternative Connect America Cost Model

The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has been implementing various programs to bridge the digital divide and provide high-speed internet in rural areas. One such program is the Connect America Fund (CAF), which provides financial support to telecom carriers that offer broadband and voice services in high-cost areas.
RIPE Reclaims IPv4 Addresses Due to Sanctions

RIPE NCC Reclaims 1.5 Million IPv4 Addresses Due to Sanctions

This report presents data regarding the impact of sanctions on RIPE NCC members, Users, and legacy resource holders, while adhering to confidentiality and privacy requirements.