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Cogent is a leading Tier 1 Internet Service Provider that consistently ranks among the top five networks globally. Our main focus is providing high-quality Internet access and data transport through our award-winning fiber optic, IP data-only network. In addition, we offer colocation services in our 60 state-of-the-art Internet data centers.

Our customer base includes both “Corporate” clients, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies, and “NetCentric” clients, such as Carriers/Service Providers and Application/Content Providers, whose business operations rely heavily on Internet access.

With our cutting-edge, facilities-based network, we span across North America, Europe, and Asia, connecting over 227 major markets. Our network spans over 61,300 route miles of intercity fiber and 43,300 metro fiber miles, allowing us to interconnect with over 7,971 other networks.

Cogent was founded on the belief that bandwidth should be treated as a commodity, produced in high quantities and sold based on competitive pricing. By building our own IP data network, independent of traditional voice networks owned by Regional Bell Operating Companies, we have managed to significantly reduce the cost of high-quality bandwidth. As a result, we have rapidly become one of the world’s largest carriers of Internet traffic, less than five years after establishing our network backbone.