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First National Technology Solutions

First National Technology Solutions

At FNTS, we are more than just an IT service provider – we become an invaluable extension of your team. Trust us to navigate the ever-evolving world of technology and propel your success forward. With our expertise in modernizing mainframe environments and delivering industry-specific cloud solutions, we are ready to elevate your business with agility, transparency, and optimized IT solutions. Experience the elevated level of security solutions we provide to industries with strict regulations and compliance requirements.

Power your digital transformation with FNTS, the trusted IT partner with over 27 years of experience. Our world-class experts deliver solutions that ensure your business is safe, secure, and optimized for peak performance.

  • Cloud Guardian: Unleash the full potential of the cloud with our modern solutions. Enhance speed-to-market, bolster security, and gain agility with new applications tailored to your business needs. Save on expenses by optimizing environments and handling peak seasons effortlessly. Count on certified professionals to seamlessly migrate and manage your cloud environment.
  • Mainframe Optimizer: Revolutionize your business performance by refreshing your hardware with our hosted or remote managed solutions. Our seasoned professionals, with decades of mainframe experience, provide 24×7 support and proactive monitoring. Save time and money by eliminating the challenges of maintaining aging hardware and software.
  • Security Protector: Safeguard the integrity of your organization with our comprehensive defense system. Rest easy knowing you have layers of protection in place. Stay ahead of regulatory compliance changes and security threats with our guidance. Simplify the complexity of security tools and reduce the number of vendors and solutions you manage. Gain clarity on what your IT environment truly needs.