Heyday Now

Heyday Now

Heyday Now is a cutting-edge gamification platform that revolutionizes performance management. By leveraging game mechanics, we inspire peak performance, foster employee engagement, and cultivate a thriving company culture. With features like leveling up, earning badges, friendly competitions, social interaction, and an integrated store to redeem earned coins for prizes, our comprehensive solution maximizes productivity.

Unlike traditional systems that limit their focus to a select few, we prioritize the entire workforce, recognizing the value of nurturing the “other” 80% of employees. By prioritizing the employee experience, we can directly impact the customer experience. Join us on Heyday Now and elevate your organization’s performance to unprecedented heights.

Today’s companies face a crucial challenge: engaging and connecting with the next generation workforce. Simply putting in hours and receiving a paycheck is no longer enough. We must adapt to the needs of this new generation.

The emerging workforce seeks purpose within their work, but they also desire structure and rewards. Gone are the days of annual performance reviews.

Coming from a world of instant feedback, the modern workforce expects nothing less in the workplace. They embrace technology and want to express their creativity and individuality.

Heyday Now offers employers a solution to meet the emotional needs of their employees while fulfilling the business objectives of the organization. It’s a win-win situation!

Our interactive software, reminiscent of video games and online challenges, measures and reports employee performance in an exciting and competitive manner. This approach drives engagement, productivity, and retention.

Heyday Now is a robust, gamified performance management web application designed specifically for customer service and sales teams – the lifeblood of any company.

Gamifying your metric goals enhances engagement by challenging users to surpass their rivals and earn rewards. Recognizing and rewarding employees for reaching goals or winning challenges encourages exceptional performance. Setting and achieving goals has never been easier!

Employees don’t fail to achieve goals because they lack the desire to succeed or because the goals are too difficult or unattainable. The truth is, most employees fail because they lack a clear understanding of the goals themselves and don’t know where to begin. Heyday Now simplifies expectations by showcasing goals and KPIs in a manner that offers clarity and manageable steps to success. In fact, employees can actively participate in setting their own goals by using leaderboards to gauge their performance, joining weekly or daily challenges, or earning rewards and recognition based on their individual achievements.