iTel Networks

iTel Networks

iTel, is a partner-led telecommunications aggregator that has established wholesale relationships with all major carriers in Canada. With our interlaced “network of networks,” we can provide unique solutions that no other provider can match.

Experience the simplicity and reliability of iTel. We offer one bill, one support number, and access to one of Canada’s largest IP Voice Networks. Say goodbye to the complexities of dealing with multiple carriers or working through US wholesalers.

Take advantage of our competitive pricing. iTel offers a range of services, including fiber, cable, and ADSL internet, MPLS networking, bonded internet, hosted PBX systems, and cloud services, all at the best rates in Canada.

Trust iTel Networks for your internet, voice, and data needs. As a Canadian-based company, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched support and staying at the forefront of innovation to provide the best solutions possible for our customers.

Unlock the potential of your business with iTel. With our cutting-edge technology and partnerships with multiple carriers, we can create cost-effective network solutions for any location across the country, no matter how remote.

Connect your workplaces anywhere with our suite of advanced, enterprise solutions. See what iTel can do for your business and experience the difference of working with the leading telecommunications aggregator in Canada.