At NYI, we understand the importance of reliable infrastructure for small and medium-sized enterprises in various industries. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of hybrid IT solutions, including cloud, multi-cloud, colocation, and bare metal, all accessible through a single management platform. Our goal is to optimize your infrastructure, resulting in both cost and performance efficiencies.

But it’s not just about the solutions we provide. We pride ourselves on our integrity, human intelligence, and expertise in solving any challenge that comes our way. Our team is dedicated to supporting your mission-critical business, allowing your teams to focus on innovation and growth.

With our hybrid managed solutions platform, we address the main challenges that often hinder the development of a world-class IT organization. Our platform offers cloud orchestration, infrastructure governance, and the ability to intelligently move workloads to the most suitable compute platform, whether it’s the cloud, colocation, or bare metal. All of this can be managed through a single, intuitive interface.

We have also partnered with key technology leaders such as AWS, GCP, Azure, VMware, and Megaport to create a smart marketplace. This partnership ensures that you have access to the best tools and resources available in the industry.

Choose NYI as your infrastructure partner and experience the difference our expertise and comprehensive solutions can make for your business.