Spectrotel has a 25-year track record of providing optimized communications solutions, bringing together various networks, carriers, transports, and equipment in North America. Through a single source, they offer a cohesive and affordable solution that can be easily managed.

However, the market has changed, blurring the lines between infrastructure, hardware, network, and voice solutions. This change has led to the emergence of the Next Generation Aggregator, a new type of solutions provider. They expand their reach and challenge the status quo, offering genuine choice and expertise in a range of enabling technologies.

By consulting, designing, implementing, managing, and supporting your customers’ next-generation solutions for the digital workplace, one expert provider can deliver more than just a single point of contact, billing, and control. A long-term relationship with a dedicated business partner like Spectrotel brings unique benefits.

Spectrotel leads the way as a pioneer in this new class of providers. With a strong foundation in data and network integration, they specialize in creating comprehensive, highly scalable, and reliable solutions in the following areas:

  • Cloud Communications
  • Connectivity
  • Managed Services
  • Security
  • Consulting and Professional Services