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UpdateIPv4 Address Geolocation

What is IPv4 Geolocation?

IPv4 geolocation maps an IPv4 address to a specific geographic location based on the connected device. By geographically mapping the IP address, any user can determine the country, state, city, zip code, latitude/longitude, ISP, area code, and type of service it is being used for.

IPv4 Sales & Transfer in Q4

Due to the volatility of the IPv4 transfer market in 2021, our team was eagerly waiting to see the results of the ARIN transfers from December to complete our analysis of the entire year. There could have been a few different predictions on where the IPv4 market would end up based on the limited market supply, COVID variants, ARDOF funds and the mysterious transfer of 175 million IP addresses by the U.S. Pentagon.

ARIN IPv4 Transfers November

Brander Group reports active IPv4 market with many clients seeking to purchase IPv4 spaces. Despite a decline in ARIN’s total IPv4 transfer requests, Brander Group continues to lead, supplying 40% of IPv4 subnets. The recent Omicron variant may affect future supply.

ARIN IPv4 Transfers October 2021

While we have had a strong run and increase in IPv4 demand over the previous 3-4 months, October seemed to have slowed down a bit.  The total number of IPv4 transfer requests in ARIN dropped to 143, which is down -16% from 171 requests in September and -12% from the 163 average requests over the course of 2021.


September IPv4 market trends have been very positive compared to what we saw as the average of the previous 3 months. Signs of life from IPv4 buyers are visible based on the increase of IPv4 transfers requested again from 167 in August to 171 in September.