Global MPLS Network

Multiprotocol Label Switching or (MPLS) Networks have some inherent benefits over a traditional IP and VPN configuration.  MPLS is unique because it uses labeling to distinguish internet data and voice packets.  Each packet is assigned multiple labels, which are sent one at time from one end to the other over the MPLS network.

The labeling technology provides some benefits for network managers.  To start, labeling is much faster for destination lookups and routing than traditional IP table. MPLS also offers control the Quality of Service (QoS) over the different packets sent.  You can assign higher bandwidth amounts for time sensitive voice and video packets and send them over low latency routes.   Finally MPLS is designed to have a higher level of privacy and security.

How To Choose the Best MPLS Network Providers

There are plenty of network carriers that offer an MPLS network.  It really depends on your company size, region and budget.  Carriers like Level 3, At&t, XO and Verizon are great options as US based MPLS providers.  While some regional networks also offer their own versions of MPLS through NNIs set up with the larger providers.  And then there are better options for Global MPLS deployments, who offer streamlined connectivity and some of the best network monitoring tools around.

Giglinx has developed relationships with all of the MPLS providers around the world.  Whether you have 3 locations or 300, we can help you choose the best network for your needs.  Request a free consultation

Global MPLS

Connect cross carriers locations anywhere in the world

Quality of Service

Prioritize time-sensitive packets over low latency routes

Real Time Updates

Make changes to QoS on ports based on application needs*


In-Depth reports down to IP address, location and more*

Take Advantage of a Carrier Agnostic Consultation for your MPLS needs.  A Trusted Advisor is standing by

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