For Immediate Release

November 13, 2020

Brander Group Partners with NFware

Brander Group Inc., has entered into a mutually beneficial partnership with NFware.  This partnership will allow both companies to leverage their relationships to provide further value to their clients.

NFware helps clients implement Carrier-Grade NAT (CGNAT) solutions, which enables them to use only 1 IPv4 address for up to 128 subscribers.  This helps offload the stress of quickly expanding subscriber bases while also allowing them to reduce their dependency on IPv4 addresses.  In turn, clients can then consider selling IPv4 address blocks, if it makes sense in their particular situation.

Brander Group has realized over the years that not every company can afford to buy IPv4 addresses, and nor do they want to. They want to find alternative methods to grow subscriber bases seamlessly. Our team can now offer consulting services to help our clients implement CGNAT when it makes sense.  Though this can be a lengthy process, our support from NFware will ensure that our clients properly implement NAT in a timely fashion.