September IPv4 market trends

Things have been very positive compared to what we saw as the average of the previous 3 months. Signs of life from IPv4 buyers are visible based on the increase of IPv4 transfers requested again from 167 in August to 171 in September.

While this is only a +3% increase over the 167 transfers requested in August, this is a significant + 31% difference over the average 130 transfer request since the dip in May of this year. We are now on a 4-month streak of positive movements in the IPv4 market. This provides enough data to demonstrate not only a stable market, but also another bull market in the makings…

In fact, Brander Group had our strongest sales month in September. Our team sold 80 x IPv4 address blocks, which is +27% higher than our previous all-time high of 63 sales in March of 2021.  Our demand pipeline has been growing faster than ever, and we have been able to fill orders due to several vendors who provided us access to a large number of unused IPv4 address blocks to be released and sold over a period of time.

Slipping Demand

What seems to be causing the continued surge of demand and lack of supply in the market?

1. Slow adoption of IPv6 across the world. According to Google, we are only 35% global adoption. It was only 25% back in 2015, so we only see a 2% increase per year
2. Continued issues caused by COVID as well as the variant. This is still detracting companies globally from re-addressing efforts.
3. Lack of organizations that still have unused IPv4 available for sale. While there were many companies with unused IPv4 addresses 5 years ago, that number has decreased significantly.
4. Large hosting and cloud providers are hoarding IPv4 that they won’t need for 10 years.

With all these dynamics at play, we can continue to see IPv4 prices rising for the upcoming future. The question is for how long


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