ARIN Replaces “ISP” and “End Users” Classifications

Toward the beginning of the year in 2021, ARIN created 2 separate client participation class called “General Members” and  “Service Members”.  They moved away from the historic classification of “ISP” vs “End Users” in an effort to encourage more organizations to have the opportunity to become ARIN members and partake in ARIN policy making.

Impacts of New Fee Structure

The goal of the new fee schedule was to eliminate the differences between Internet Service Providers and End User classifications.  As of January 2022, End Users were allowed to be involved in the ARIN elections voting.

ARIN Membership Differentiators

The main differences between General and Service members are their ability to vote in elections.  Mainly, General Members are allowed to nominate and vote for Advisory Council and Board of Trustees.

How to Become an ARIN General Member

Service Members may submit applications to transition into a General Member, if they meet the requirements.  You can simply accomplish this through the ARIN portal.  If you have issues, feel free to contact our team for assistance.  Email or call +1 702 560 5616

ARIN plans to contact nearly 10,000 points of contacts associated with Service Member organizations thought multiple emails over several months explaining the eligibility options to request and join General Membership.

How to Sustain ARIN General Member Status

As part of General Membership status, participants will be required to contribute in ARIN elections moving forward.

According to ARIN, participation in elections is critical to supporting the community.  They want General Members to have a valid designated Voting Contact and be in Good Standing without any outstanding fees to be eligible to vote in any election.

Starting in the 2023 ARIN annual election and anything following, if General Members do not participate in 3 ARIN elections, they will be downgraded to Service Members. Thereafter, Service Members are still able to reapply for General Member status

ARIN General Members Mailing List

As ARIN General Members, participants also gain access to read and participate in a mailing list dedicated to ARIN governance discussions. To subscribe, interested members will need to apply using a verified email address that is associated with a Point of Contact or Voting Contact of a General Member organization.

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