IPv4 Demand Increases in August of 2022

So far, 2022 has shown a stable yet low level of IPv4 demand as compared to the previous three years.This is largely attributed to a massive increase in demand and the shortage of IPv4 inventory back in 2021, which in turn caused the prices to increase by 100% in just 1 year.

After 4 consecutive months of uncharacteristically low demand for IPv4 addresses, we finally have a healthy spike in IPv4 demand in August of 2022.  Last month, the requests for IP addresses jumped to 166, which was a significant +29% increase over July.   It is even more significant when you compare it to the previous four-month average of only 115 requests per month, demonstrating an increase in demand of +44%.

If we continue to stay above 160 IPv4 transfer requests per month, then we would be on par with the average of around 163 transfer requests of the previous 3 years from 2019 – 2021.  This would indicate a healthy IPv4 market with a positive outlook into 2023.

As it stands today, there are an abundance of IP addresses for sale at competitive rates in ARIN, RIPE, APNIC and LACNIC.   In the history of the market since 2015, we have only seen 1 other period from 2018 to 2019 where prices stabilized for around 8 – 9 months.

If history repeats itself, we are likely to see another bull market ahead.   The next three months of data will help determine how much prices might increase 2023, so stay tuned…

IPv4 Demand Increase August 2022

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