Once again, the IPv4 demand seems to be following the roller coaster pattern going up and down every month.  However, the delta of the demand decrease in April seems to be showing a positive sign as compared the previous dips over the last 6 – 9 months.

From March’s 153 transfer requests to April’s 135 transfer requests, demand has decreased by only -11%.  While a decrease is seemingly not a good sign, this delta of the volatility as compared to the previous month’s dips is 50% better on average. Even with a demand decrease, we could begin to see a positive IPv4 demand trend in development.  And compared to the average of 132 transfer requests in 2022, our average this year maintains to be around 139 which is still up +5% over the previous year.

Following this positive trend, Brander Group demand and IPv4 sales numbers have been increasing significantly as well.   Our team has been able to sell through IPv4 inventory which what was sitting for some time, and we are beginning to see slightly less competition in the market.  Though there still are some lower-price IPv4 blocks available in APNIC and RIPE, we predict the prices will begin to increase again in the near future.  This is a supply and demand market where supply is limited and no longer made.  Therefore, it is likely only a matter of time before prices increase to over $50 per IP address again.

IPv4 Request Volatility Takes a Positive Turn - May 2023

Information for IPv4 addresses ranging from a /24 up to /12s

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