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August 1st, 2023

Brander Group Exclusive Partnership with HESS

Brander Group Inc., today’s largest and most trusted IPv4 address broker, has extended its exclusive partnership with the Higher Education Systems & Services Consortium (HESS Consortium).  Through this partnership, Brander Group will provide HESS members with opportunities to strategize, readdress and monetize IP assets.  Brander Group has assisted over 100 Universities, Colleges, and Schools across the United States to generate extra funds from unitized IPv4 assets and re-invest into infrastructure, IT upgrades and sponsorship programs for students.  The HESS Consortium will extend Brander Group’s services at discounted rates to over 330 HESS member institutions and around 1100 total institutions by way of a strategic alignment with the Coalition For College Cost Savings (The Coalition).

Through this continued partnership, Brander Group will provide HESS members with assistance in the private or public sale of IP addresses on its web The team at Brander Group will also help HESS members with marketing and selling IP Addresses, blacklist reporting and cleanup, routing records removal assistance, leading and directing all negotiations, assistance with the ARIN transfer process, chain of custody and secure funds transfers.

“We are more than thrilled to extend our partnership with HESS Consortium.  It has been a true pleasure working with educational institutions across America to generate extra capital which helps enrich the educational systems and minds of our students” stated Jake Brander, President and Founder of Brander Group Inc.

About The HESS Consortium

The Higher Education Systems & Services Consortium or “The HESS Consortium”​ is a non-profit, membership-run organization. The HESS Consortium is focused on collectively lowering costs and increasing collaboration between private colleges and universities in the area of administrative systems and services.

The HESS Consortium is made up of chief financial officers, chief information officers as well as technology and finance directors in a diverse group of schools committed to finding efficiencies and cost savings by working with other like-minded institutions. Together, we realize that, throughout the country, private college/university Chief Business Officers (CBO) and Chief Information/Technology Officers (CIO) are mutually charged with providing mission-critical administrative services in an environment of almost flat, if not decreasing, net revenues. We are asked to maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of administrative software services and related information technology to meet the increasing needs of diverse users while minimizing the resources used.

The HESS Consortium

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