Even in uncertain times, the IPv4 address market continues on a steady path of recovery.  After approximately 18 months of demand decreasing and significant price drops, there is now a glimmer of hope on the horizon.  Perhaps, sentiment regarding inflation and heightened interest rates are affecting the market as we near the new year; with anticipation of positive news and more stability.

This month’s IPv4 transfer statistics are also following this positive trend.   There were 139 IPv4 transfers in July, which has slightly decreased by -10%.   However, as compared to 2023’s average of 141 requests, July is essentially on par with only a -1% decrease.

The important trend to note here, is that; we are consistently experiencing months with over 135 IPv4 transfer requests.  This is a significant contrast to 2022; where there was more volatility month over month.  If we continue this upward trajectory, we can only anticipate that in due time, the number of unused and available IP addresses will become scarce again.

If you are currently exploring IPv4 address options, we wanted to take this opportunity to offer you a complimentary checklist to ensure you are fully prepared for a future purchase.

  1. IP Blacklist Reporting – Make sure that the IP addresses are not listed on any of the 100 or so global blacklist providers. Instead of checking each IP one by one, as for a detailed blacklist report.
  2. Route Object and BGP Removals – Before taking ownership, make sure that the IP addresses are not currently routed in the BGP tables. Also, check the old IPv4 address route records and make sure they are removed. Either of these can cause issues if you try to publicly route your IP addresses.
  3. Pre-Approval Assistance – To protect the integrity of the internet, both ARIN and APNIC created a policy that requires a business use case to acquire IPv4 addresses. Make sure your consultant or partner fully understands the policy and can help you navigate it.
  4. Fully Managed Transfers Support – Transferring and purchasing IP addresses can be a bit complicated without assistance from an expert. There are several requirements from both buyers and sellers to ensure a smooth transaction.  The right partner will provide guidance along the way to streamline this process.
  5. Reputation & Security – It is important to work with a trusted company that has a good reputation, notable corporate references and provides safe payment options.

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