A Stable IPv4 Market

The definition of a stable financial market is a condition in which there is no major disruption of market transactions, with no significant deviation of financial asset prices from economic fundamentals, thereby enabling economic agents to raise and operate funds with confidence..  On the contrary; as wars wage on the global stage, interest rates increase, and inflation remains high – the general population tends to look for signs of market stability and healthier projections prior to spending their budgets.

The IPv4 Market experienced numerous peaks and valleys over the past 2 years, which created doubt and uncertainty across the minds of many.  Although, from January of 2023 onward, the market has demonstrated price and demand stabilization, leading to an anticipatory, strong 2024; where conditions will likely align with those which we were accustomed to from 2016 – 2020.

In October of 2023, the number of IPv4 Transfer Requests decreased to 124.  As compared to September, there was a decrease of –15%.   Furthermore, last month’s Transfer Requests are only down -7% as compared to 2022’s monthly average of 134 Transfer Requests. However, what we have found to be more significant, is that the total Transfer Requests from January through October of 2023 amounts to 1407, which is an increase of +5% year to date as compared to 1342 total Transfer Requests in 2022.

Our goal is to empower the entire Internet community with pertinent market knowledge to create an IPv4 strategy and make empowered decisions regarding upcoming IPv4 requirements.  It is during uncertain times, such as this, that we most yearn for data-driven advisory to aid us as we build a more positive future. Put your trust in our data and unbiased analysts to assist you along this journey.

IPv4 Transfer Requests Outpace Previous Year – November

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