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IPv4 Supply & Demand Tides Shifting – September 2023

There are several contributing factors that have caused the prices to take a downward spiral over the last 18 months. While CG-NAT, IPv6 deployments and interest rate spikes played a role, the lack of demand is one of the most critical driving factors. With that said, where does the IPv4 demand stand today?

Overview of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

BGP is a routing protocol used to exchange information about how global internet networks reach and communicate with each other on the internet. Understanding how to set up and use BGP correctly can make a huge difference in your organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively manage its network traffic. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you need to know about getting started with BGP.

Roller Coaster IPv4 Market – November 2022

This year, the IPv4 Transfer Market has proven to become more volatile with each new month, seemingly mimicking trends of the global roller-coaster stock market. Large cloud companies, hosting providers and Internet service providers are continuing to purchase vast amounts of IPv4 address blocks from large enterprises. In turn, this is causing one-off /17 and /16 IPv4 subnets from other suppliers to sit in the market longer than usual, causing prices to stabilize and ultimately decrease. How does this affect the rest of the market?