20i Case Study

IT Equipment Purchase

Brander Group helped 20i, a fast-growing hosting provider, expanded their infrastructure with Dell hardware for a new data center deployment.
Case Study MidSouth Electric Co-Op2024

100G Point to Point Circuit

MidSouth Electric Co-op worked with Brander Group to turn up a 100G point to point circuit to create redundancy to help prevent downtime.
Case Study Mitel

Consolidate & Sell IPv4

Mitel worked with Brander Group to readdress, consolidate, and monetize surplus unused IPv4 addresses, after mergers and acquisitions.
Rehmann Technology Solutions - Case Study

Sell Surplus IP Addresses

How Rehmann Technology Solutions worked with Brander Group to consolidate, readdress, and sell its holdings of IPv4 addresses.
Brander Group Case Studies - Maritz2024

Migrate & Monetize IPv4

Maritz worked with Brander Group to consolidate a large amount of IPv4 addresses, and capture substantial revenue from surplus IP assets.
Brander Group Case Study - Cable One

Purchasing IPv4 Addreses

Cable One partnered with Brander Group to procure 340,000 IPv4 addresses across multiple organizations since 2018.
Abilene Christian University; IPv4 Readdressing and Sale2024

Readdressing & IPv4 Sale

Brander Group worked with Abilene Christian University on the readdressing and sale of IPv4 addresses, and to monetize unused IP addresses.