Setting up DNS (Domain Name System) properly for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) requires configuring DNS servers and network infrastructure to ensure reliable & efficient domain name resolution for your end user subscribers.

While both are viable options for enterprise networks, There are good reasons to migrate from IPv4 to IPv6; the current standard IP protocol.

This report presents data regarding the impact of sanctions on RIPE NCC members, Users, and legacy resource holders, while adhering to confidentiality and privacy requirements.

The market is stable, with a new level of consistent demand. 142 transfer requests in August is on par with the average of 2023 142 requests.

Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) play a key role in the internet’s routing framework. ASNs enhance routing efficiency and policy management.

Find out how ARIN, a Regional Internet Registry, contributes to the management of Internet resources in North America.

As the internet continues to develop and expand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the IPv4 addresses that are used to identify and connect devices on the same network. Many organizations are now facing the challenges of readdressing IPv4 address networks in order to meet their current needs.

Internet Protocol Address Management (IPAM) is essential for network organization, security, and efficiency. IPAM prevents conflicts, manages IPv4 addresses, and can be automated for optimal performance.

This year, the IPv4 Transfer Market has proven to become more volatile with each new month, seemingly mimicking trends of the global roller-coaster stock market. Large cloud companies, hosting providers and Internet service providers are continuing to purchase vast amounts of IPv4 address blocks from large enterprises. In turn, this is causing one-off /17 and /16 IPv4 subnets from other suppliers to sit in the market longer than usual, causing prices to stabilize and ultimately decrease. How does this affect the rest of the market?

Understand CIDR and its impact on IP address allocation. Explore how it revolutionized the management of IPv4 addresses.