Brander Group continues to make a significant impact to the IPv4 Market month over month.  In May of 2021, ARIN inter-region transfers totaled 160.  Of these transfers, Brander Group contributed 40 transactions, which covers around 25%.

The total number of transfer requests in May, according to ARIN’s pre-approval system, has decreased by -62%  compared to the previous month.  Likewise, there was a significant decrease in transfers completed by -30% from April to May of this year. With that said, the difference in transfers completed vs requested in the month of May has +49% more transfers completed which demonstrates the fill of backlog from previous months.

We find this fascinating because, while prices continue to sky rocket, the delta between the demand requested and actual completions has been steady until a significant disparity in May.  COVID has caused many holders of IP space to cease their re-addressing efforts which has negatively impacted supply.

As the market unfolds we will continue to inform both buyers and sellers of what to expect from the IPv4 transfer volatility.


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