Due to the volatility in IPv4 transfer market from April to May of 2021, our team was eagerly waiting to see the results of the ARIN transfers from June.  There could have been a few different predictions on where the IPv4 market would be headed based purely on the 8.3 transfers requests granted by ARIN, which are indicative of demand.

There was a rather large delta in transfer requests from April to May, dropping by a whopping -62%.  This information could have potentially led us to believe the IPv4 market was going to have a decline.  However, from May to June, we now see an increase in demand of +88%.  Now while that may look like a massive turn in events, you also have to consider the rolling average of demand in the market for the 2021 calendar year.

The average demand for IPv4 addresses in May and June of 2021 is only 111 per month.  Compared to the average of January through June which was 169 per month, the demand for IPv4 is still down a considerable -34%

It would seem its still early to tell which direction the market is headed. Surely the volatility is making things more interesting.  We will really need to see more data points to get an even better understanding of the IPv4 trends for 2021.

With that said, the past has shown us that IPv4 is constantly in demand and supply can be tough to find.  Luckily Brander Group has recently signed several large partners and our clients will be able to buy IPv4 address blocks consistently without waiting.

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