The IPv4 market continues to stay very active

Brander Group has a large number of clients who are trying to spend end of year budget to purchase IPv4 address space. Currently clients are eagerly waiting as we fill orders through some newly formed partnerships. So far, Brander Group has sold 32 x IPv4 address blocks in the month of December, which outpaces this years monthly average of 55 x IPv4 transfers.  And with an average of over 70 x transfer per month in the last 4 months, we don’t see any signs of slowing down through the end of the year.

However, it seems that ARIN data is showing some more volatility in demand as it related to IPv4 transfer requests in the month of November. Last month, the total number of IPv4 requests decreased to 112.  The average for 2021 so far is 158 transfer requests, so November has demonstrated another significant decrease of -30%.

While this may indicate that the market is slowing down, there may be a different narrative.  There was a minimal surge of additional IPv4 supply entering the market earlier in the year.  However, the new Omicron variant may have caused some volatility amongst sellers ability to supply the industry with unused IPv4 blocks.

The Covid market

Because many large and small companies alike are dealing with Covid once again, they might be unable to bring IPv4 into the market.  Therefore, if there are less IPs available to transfer, the transfer requests will follow as there is nothing that can be requested by potential buyers.

Although ARIN total IPv4 transfer requests have decreased, our pipeline remains steady.  As usual, Brander Group continues to lead the pack by supplying roughly 40% of the IPv4 subnets to a majority of the market.  Even considering the fluctuations with the rest of the global IP market, we are able to maintain favorable prices for both companies looking to buy and sell IPv4 addresses.

December transfer trends should prove indicative of 2022 IPv4 market expectations.  Our analysts will work closely with our sales team to help determine the expected price increases of IPv4 addresses for the following year.

ARIN IPv4 Transfers November

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