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Comparing Value of IPv4 & Bitcoin, the Rarest Asset Classes

Similar to Bitcoin, IPv4 addresses continue to remain some of the rarest and most valuable asset classes in the world.  However, unlike other physical resources that are considered “rare” such as gold & diamonds, these digital assets share a unique quality….

IPv4 Addresses Validated as a Valuable Asset Class

April IPv4 transfer requests were 163, which is +7% higher than this year’s average of 150 requests per month. Better off, April is a +13% increase over the 141 averages in 2023 and a +18% increase over the 134 averages in 2022.

Cogent Offers $206 Million in Secured Notes Backed by IPv4

Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI), a leading global internet service provider, announced on April 25th 2024 a groundbreaking securitization offering. This move will see Cogent utilizing a significant portion of its IPv4 address space to issue up to $206,000,000 in securitized notes.

Is IPv4 Availability Becoming Scarce in 2024?

In recent years, the IPv4 market has been on a relentless upward trajectory, defying expectations, and confounding skeptics. Despite occasional setbacks and bouts of volatility, the overall trend has been undeniably bullish. What is driving this sustained optimism, and what does it mean for the network infrastructure industry?