September 2022 – Brander Group Inc recently sold approximately 1.7 million IP addresses for over $87 million. T2022 revenue exceeds $200 million.

As of June 2022, the IPv4 market seems to have created a new IPv4 demand baseline. With only 113 IPv4 transfer requests last month, we have a 3-month average of 111 transfer requests. While this is a steady stream of demand, the rest of the picture paints an interesting story for the end of the year.

The general consensus amongst many stock market analysts indicate that our economy might be headed into a recession.  As seen in past instances, the IPv4 transfer market tends to follow the the global stock market. With the stock market continuing to decline, so do the number of IPv4 transfer requests, which is a strong indicator of the current global IPv4 demand.

April 2022 transfer requests decreased to only 108, demonstrating another massive decrease of -37% as compared to March.  When looking at the average of 137 transfer requests in 2022, the decrease is still very significant at -21%.   Interestingly enough, the April & Mays average transfer requests are still 140 per month, which does align with what we have found to be the “new IPv4 norm” over the last 11 months.

While we have had a strong run and increase in IPv4 demand over the previous 3-4 months, October seemed to have slowed down a bit.  The total number of IPv4 transfer requests in ARIN dropped to 143, which is down -16% from 171 requests in September and -12% from the 163 average requests over the course of 2021.

September IPv4 market trends have been very positive compared to what we saw as the average of the previous 3 months. Signs of life from IPv4 buyers are visible based on the increase of IPv4 transfers requested again from 167 in August to 171 in September.

The month of August 2021 seems to have finally showed a positive trend in the IPv4 transfer market. Figures for IPv4 transfers requested, indicating demand, and transfers completed, indicating supply, have returned to the values we saw at the beginning of the year.

The Cyberspace Administration of China plans to phase out IPv4 usage by implementing large scale IPv6 adoption in three stages ending in 2030. This could potentially impact the global IPv4 market as Chinese companies could sell off existing IPv4 addresses.

As reported in the previous 2 blog posts, the month of May 2021 was a milestone in terms of ARIN IPv4 transfer requests.  It was the first time that transfer requests dropped below 100 per month since the market was born in 2015.  The volatility continues to have a decreasing trend line with a significantly lower average than the entire 2021 year, and the past 4 years combined.

Due to the volatility in IPv4 transfer market from April to May of 2021, our team was eagerly waiting to see the results of the ARIN transfers from June.  There could have been a few different predictions on where the IPv4 market would be headed based purely on the 8.3 transfers requests granted by ARIN, which are indicative of demand.