August 1, 2023 – Brander Group has extended its exclusive partnership with the Higher Education Systems & Services Consortium (HESS Consortium)

As of June 2022, the IPv4 market seems to have created a new IPv4 demand baseline. With only 113 IPv4 transfer requests last month, we have a 3-month average of 111 transfer requests. While this is a steady stream of demand, the rest of the picture paints an interesting story for the end of the year.

The general consensus amongst many stock market analysts indicate that our economy might be headed into a recession.  As seen in past instances, the IPv4 transfer market tends to follow the the global stock market. With the stock market continuing to decline, so do the number of IPv4 transfer requests, which is a strong indicator of the current global IPv4 demand.

April 2022 transfer requests decreased to only 108, demonstrating another massive decrease of -37% as compared to March.  When looking at the average of 137 transfer requests in 2022, the decrease is still very significant at -21%.   Interestingly enough, the April & Mays average transfer requests are still 140 per month, which does align with what we have found to be the “new IPv4 norm” over the last 11 months.

In March of 2022, the total ARIN transfer requests increased to 172, which demonstrates an increase in demand of over +27% as compared to the previous 10-month average.  This swing in transfer requests is timely, as many people were starting to wonder if prices were going to start to fall due to decreased interest and demand for IPv4 addresses globally.

Due to the volatility of the IPv4 transfer market in 2021, our team was eagerly waiting to see the results of the ARIN transfers from December to complete our analysis of the entire year. There could have been a few different predictions on where the IPv4 market would end up based on the limited market supply, COVID variants, ARDOF funds and the mysterious transfer of 175 million IP addresses by the U.S. Pentagon.

Throughout 2020 the IPv4 market has been very active in all the major internet registries including ARIN, RIPE and APNIC.

Unlike other industries that have suffered decreased demand for their services due to physical lockdowns and government mandated quarantines, hosting companies, ISP’s, cable providers and telcos have been trying to keep up with the increased demand for IPv4 address usage generated from more people being forced to stay indoors.

November 2020 – Brander Group Inc., has entered into a partnership with NFware.  This partnership will allow both companies to leverage relationships

The Brander Group offers detailed insights into the IPv4 market, providing data-driven decisions to buyers and sellers. In 2020, the market has seen less activity, with COVID-19 influencing demand.

As news and social media platforms around the world continue to spread information about the coronavirus and its potentially negative impact on our health, lives, and businesses, it can be difficult to determine what is real or manufactured.