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Pros and Cons of Deploying Carrier Grade NAT

Network Address Translation (NAT) and Carrier Grade Network Address Translation (CGNAT) are two different techniques for managing networks, but both have similar goals: to conserve public IPv4 addresses, increase privacy and security, and reduce the burden on ISPs of having to manage too many Internet of Things devices.

This year, the IPv4 Transfer Market has proven to become more volatile with each new month, seemingly mimicking trends of the global roller-coaster stock market. Large cloud companies, hosting providers and Internet service providers are continuing to purchase vast amounts of IPv4 address blocks from large enterprises. In turn, this is causing one-off /17 and /16 IPv4 subnets from other suppliers to sit in the market longer than usual, causing prices to stabilize and ultimately decrease. How does this affect the rest of the market?

Market Volatility Driving IPv4 Prices Down - October 2022

The six years leading into 2022 have painted a picture of a continuous bull market in the IPv4 industry.  Prices for IPv4 address blocks had an average increase of around 25% every year due to limited availability and increased demand. However, this year has proven that even the IPv4 market can’t always be resilient to economic conditions. 

How Does BGP & Internet Routing Registry Effect IPv4

What are BGP Routing Records? Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) is a protocol that allows for the fastest and most efficient routing of internet traffic.   The owner of an IPv4 Address subnet asks their upstream internet service provider to route specific IPv4 subnets now smaller than a /24 to route traffic using the best method of delivery.  BGP is responsible for assessing all of the available internet routes that data can travel and then choose the best option, which usually means hopping between Autonomous Systems (AS) numbers that represent the upstream internet providers network.

Inflations Impact on IPv4 Price - September 2022

We are finally seeing some good news on the IPv4 demand front.  As of September 2022, we have 2 months in a row of positive IPv4 demand trends that parallel previous years, prior to the IPv4 crash in May of 2021.  We aren’t out of the woods just yet, however, the indicators could be great for the remainder of the year.