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The IPv4 transfer marketplace twists and turns continue to pave the way for what might be an unpredictable year. The last 12 to 15 months have demonstrated a whirlwind of changes, in what was an otherwise a predicable asset class for over 5 years prior.  As we look to the future, we can only hope to expect more predictability we had grown accustomed to from the inception of the IPv4 market.


As the internet continues to develop and expand, it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage the IPv4 addresses that are used to identify and connect devices on the same network. Many organizations are now facing the challenges of readdressing IPv4 address networks in order to meet their current needs.

Overview of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)

BGP is a routing protocol used to exchange information about how global internet networks reach and communicate with each other on the internet. Understanding how to set up and use BGP correctly can make a huge difference in your organization’s ability to efficiently and effectively manage its network traffic. In this blog, we’ll discuss what you need to know about getting started with BGP.

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Impact on IPv4

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank caused significant setbacks in tech company budgets and could further deepen the recession. A downturn in IPv4 transfer requests suggests a decreased demand due to these grim economic conditions. However, this presents a good opportunity to buy IPv4 addresses at discounted prices as they continue to be vital for network expansion.

Buy IPv4 Transfer Trends February 2023

The IPv4 address transfer market started out on a positive note in January 2023. As in any market, there are ebbs and flows in demand which affects pricing. We just so happen to analyze an extremely unique industry that caters to a rare commodity that has a valuable use case in the global economy.