April IPv4 transfer requests were 163, which is +7% higher than this year’s average of 150 requests per month. Better off, April is a +13% increase over the 141 averages in 2023 and a +18% increase over the 134 averages in 2022.

Cogent Communications (NASDAQ: CCOI), a leading global internet service provider, announced on April 25th 2024 a groundbreaking securitization offering. This move will see Cogent utilizing a significant portion of its IPv4 address space to issue up to $206,000,000 in securitized notes.

In recent years, the IPv4 market has been on a relentless upward trajectory, defying expectations, and confounding skeptics. Despite occasional setbacks and bouts of volatility, the overall trend has been undeniably bullish. What is driving this sustained optimism, and what does it mean for the network infrastructure industry?

Like any healthy and predictable market cycle, IPv4 demand continues to remain steady. This consistency further promotes the notion of a stable market since there was no serious fluctuation in either direction. 

Use data and market psychology to compare IPv4 prices from previous years and determine what IPv4 price might be in 2024

In 2024, U.S. “Internet for All” initiatives – $18 billion E-ACAM program and $42 Billion BEAD program – indicate increased IPv4 demand.

After fluctuations, the IPv4 Market has exhibited price and demand stability since January 2023, increasing confidence for a strong 2024. The number of IPv4 Transfer Requests has also increased year-to-date, promoting informed market decision-making.

This report presents data regarding the impact of sanctions on RIPE NCC members, Users, and legacy resource holders, while adhering to confidentiality and privacy requirements.

A healthy market, whether it’s a financial market, real estate market, or any other type of market, is characterized by certain signs and conditions that indicate stability, efficiency, and fairness.  The IPv4 market began in response to the exhaustion of a rare technology and a surge in client demand in 2015.

Even in uncertain times, the IPv4 address market continues on a steady path of recovery. After approximately 18 months of demand decreasing and significant price drops, there is now a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Perhaps, sentiment regarding inflation and heightened interest rates are affecting the market as we near the new year; with anticipation of positive news and more stability.