Alibaba Buys /9 IP Address Block from Internet Samurai

In March of 2020, there was a deal made between APNIC and Jun Murai A.K.A. the Internet Samurai to split the ownership rights of  They started the Asia Pacific Internet Development Trust, which was owned equally by APNIC and Murai's WIDE Project.

IPv4 Market Summary Q2 2020

The IPv4 Market has continued to surprise us all this year, given the current global economy.  Our team has continued to follow the transfer trends and use that data to inform our partners and clients on the ever-changing dynamics of the IP address marketplace.
Buy-IPv4 Market Summary Q1 2020

IPv4 Market Summary Q1 2020

The Brander Group offers detailed insights into the IPv4 market, providing data-driven decisions to buyers and sellers. In 2020, the market has seen less activity, with COVID-19 influencing demand.

Coronavirus Impact on IPv4 Address Market

As news and social media platforms around the world continue to spread information about the coronavirus and its potentially negative impact on our health, lives, and businesses, it can be difficult to determine what is real or manufactured.