IPv4 Market Summary Q1 2021

So far 2021 has started with a hockey stick demand curve for IPv4 addresses.  If you look at the numbers, the ARIN pre-approval requests have increased 10% over the previous quarter, and a whopping +30% over Q1 of 2020. In fact,  Q1…

IPv4 Market Summary Q4 & 2020 Wrap-Up

With the end of a roller coaster of a year, 2020 had some interesting movement in the IPv4 sector as well.  Due to the increased demand for people to stat indoors, we saw a surge of requests to buy ip addresses shortly after the pandemic…

Alibaba Buys /9 IP Address Block from Internet Samurai

In 1985, Jun Murai started Japan-Based WIDE Project, which was the owner of IPv4 address range consisting of 16,777,216 IP addresses. In March of 2020, there was a deal made between APNIC and Jun Murai A.K.A. the Internet…